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Robert is a thorough, hard-working & caring attorney. I would recommend him to anybody.

- L.K.

Roberts an amazing lawyer and counselor.

- A.G.

If you want a hardworking, honest lawyer who will get the best results for your case, then hire these lawyers. They represented my brother, kept us informed, and did everything anyone could ask. They are always available. I highly recommend them to anyone facing criminal charges.

- L.S.

It was amazing watching the police officer deflate as Owens cross examined and pointed out all the errors he made. He had the officer agree that the results of the Field Sobriety Tests were not reliable because he did not do them right. My OVI charge was dismissed.

- R.D.

My life was on the line. My husband's life was on the line. We were looking at years of prison for crimes we did not commit. Robert was at least two steps ahead of the prosecutor at all times. The trial had over a dozen witnesses and Robert's ability to turn prosecution witnesses into defense witnesses was consistent and breath taking. His cross examination of the lead detective and use of expert medical testimony was masterful. The prosecution’s key lead witness had to be excused from the witness stand so she could vomit (he was pummeling her with her lies during his cross-exam) – this is a memory I will have forever. It was expensive but worth every penny.

- C.M.

My ex-wife did everything she could to destroy my relationship with our children. When Robert started clearly winning the custody case, she falsely accused me of telephone harassment, stalking and vandalism - filing Civil Protection Orders and obtaining criminal warrants for my arrest. Robert got all the criminal charges dismissed, the CPO vacated and vindicated my rights as a father.

- S.G.

When the police asked me about sexual misconduct with a minor at my workplace, I was terrified. My employer suspended me and then fired me. I was facing a felony indictment for a sexual crime against a minor and it would have changed my entire life. Robert came in like the Calvary, worked with police and experts to prevent the indictment from even happening. He sued my employer for wrongful termination and made them pay for my legal fees.

- A.E.

All I wanted was fair. My husband didn't see it that way. We made a reasonable offer to start and it was rejected. A year later when my husband was faced with an unfavorable trial, he agreed to settle for terms that were even better from me than what I had originally offered. Robert knew exactly where the case needed to go and he got me there.

- L.D.