Criminal Offenses

If you are under investigation or were charged with a criminal offense or a DUI/OVI offense in Delaware, Ohio or central Ohio area, you are probably concerned about the impact this is going to have on your life. Before you talk to the police or anyone else, you must talk to a lawyer immediately. Robert Owens has specific experience defending:

Drug Possession/Abuse Crimes

Sex Crimes (Rape/GSI, etc.)

Financial Crimes

Domestic Violence


Assault/Violent Crimes

Telephone/Internet Crimes

Juvenile Defense


Serious Traffic Charges

Owens Law Office Has Answers

If you are charged with in criminal or DUI/OVI matter in Delaware or central Ohio, it is critical to talk to legal counsel as soon as possible and without delay. Call 740-368-0008 or e-mail and talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

Former Prosecutor, Now Defense Lawyer

Robert Owens is a former prosecutor in Delaware County. Robert understands how the State will seek to build its case, use witnesses and convince a jury of your guilt. Understanding this, Mr. Owens can effectively develop defense measures to counter prosecution strategies.

Choosing a Lawyer

After you educate yourself about your situation, you may decide representation is necessary. If so, you need to determine what lawyer to hire. The lawyer you hire may be the single most important decision you make about your case. There are many factors to consider when choosing an attorney. Some of the most significant traits to look for in a lawyer include: focus, expertise, and experience. You should also consider results of past cases, client satisfaction, and industry recognition.

Lawyer With Recognized Expertise

Robert Owens has undergone extensive training specific to Drug cases, sex based crimes, financial crimes and DUI/OVI cases.

Personal Service

Robert Owens takes on a limited number of cases. By limiting the caseload, the office can work each case thoroughly and provide the level of representation and service you would want as a client. We are here to help, so hopefully you can stop worrying. The result of limiting the caseload and focusing the practice on a narrow area of law is a track record of favorable results and satisfied clients.

Favorable Results

Results matter. An attorney's expertise and experience are only valuable if they lead to favorable results for clients. If you are considering hiring a Delaware law firm for a criminal case or a DUI/OVI, one of the most important criteria to consider is the outcomes of cases similar to yours handled by that law firm. Lots of fluff exists on the internet, but it is critical to talk to a lawyer, discuss the facts of your case specifically, and ask the tough questions about specific experience a lawyer has on cases like yours. Call 740-368-0008 or e-mail and talk to an attorney ASAP.

Satisfied Clients

Not all lawyers are the same: there are varying levels of knowledge, focus and service. Robert Owens has had success obtaining favorable results from aquitals on Felony 1 Rape cases to dismissals of OVI charges in a wide range of cases including super high test cases. Call 740-368-0008 or e-mail and talk to an attorney ASAP.


There is a wide range of fees among lawyers who handle criminal cases and OVI/DUI cases in Delaware and central Ohio. Fees are based on the firm's experience, expertise and limited caseload. Robert Owens is an experienced, successful trial lawyer, and as such the fees charged by Owens Law Office are at the high end of the range of fees charged in Delaware County and Central Ohio. All major credit cards are accepted.

Owens Law Office Can Help

We help clients in situations like yours obtain favorable results for criminal cases and DUI/OVI cases in Delaware and central Ohio. To find out how we can help with your situation, call the Owens Law office at 740-368-0008 or e-mail to arrange a free consultation.

Robert Owens
- Former Prosecutor, Now Defense Lawyer