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Robert Owens understands that you need answers to your questions now. The law can be unusually complex but Robert Owens is a classically trained military historian, alumnus of Oxford University, Ohio Wesleyan University and Caplital Law School and he can help you break down the facts of your case and plan winning strategies with a down to earth game plan. Robert Owens has worked for a large Columbus Law Firm and has been a past prosecutor. His experience, training and established relationships can help you realize the fullest extent of your legal goals.

Personal Service

Robert Owens takes on a limited number of cases. By limiting the caseload, the office can work each case thoroughly and provide the level of representation and service you would want as a client. We are here to help, so hopefully you can stop worrying. The result of limiting the caseload and focusing the practice on a narrow area of law is a track record of favorable results and satisfied clients.

Former Prosecutor, Now Defense Lawyer

Robert Owens is a seasoned, successful trial lawyer. Robert’s wide ranging legal exposure over the last two decades includes experience as a prosecutor, working for a federal judge, tasked as special counsel for the attorney general, employment with a large Columbus law firm and finally - over the last 10 years - as the founder of Owens Law Office.

Favorable Results

Robert is a results oriented lawyer who is highly sought after for contested custody cases, property and contract disputes, defense of drug and drunk driving charges and other misdemeanor and felony charges - including an unblemished record defending white collar crime cases.